Equation demonstrating an idea

Over 100 billion neurons exist within the human brain.

Every neuron has a nucleus, axons and dendrites.

Tiny electrical impulses are constantly sent from the nucleus, along the axons, and across a small gap – called the synapse – to the dendrite of another neuron.

These impulses are sent through the cerebellum (the part of your brain at the base of your neck) to the postural parietal cortex (located towards the back of your head).

Sometimes, when these messages cross paths they trip a switch, like putting the living room light on.

That’s a rough – and towards the end, not very scientific – explanation of having an idea, courtesy of neuroscience.

I had my own idea the other day and it’s way simpler: trust me.

Lightbulb Illuminating Dark Room
Ideas spring forth at the flick of a switch

What idea?

Themrktngblog was created; to inform, educate and entertain, by way of engaging content on topics you might find useful, whether; you’re a small business owner, a marketing student, a blogger, office manager, or just interested in up-skilling.

It’s here for you.

That being said, you – the seeker of your own personal and professional enlightenment – have your own experiences.

Experiences possess value.


Experiences provide our brains with raw data.

Our brains process this by creating new electrochemical pathways between neurons, essentially turning our experiences into knowledge. (Neuroscience, again).

And knowledge is a universal natural resource we all possess in abundance.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Your experiences have the power to inform, educate, entertain and inspire countless others.

So, if you’ve got an interesting experience; story or perspective, no matter how small it may seem…

People sharing ideas
Sharing your experiences gives others the opportunity to learn

…I want to talk to you.

Please, get in touch using the form below.


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