Marketers Working On A Laptop
Getting stuck in at Content Soup.

Since discovering marketing, everything I know I’ve learnt from textbooks and blogs.

Reading could only take me so far and as everyone knows, is no substitute for practical experience.

So I set out to get some agency experience and found Content Soup: a PR and Social agency as impressed by my cover letter and enthusiasm, as I was by their past campaigns and achievements.

Here are 5 vital things I learnt from my time sampling the agency life:

1. All The Technical Stuff

As a small agency, Content Soup didn’t have me making tea and observing all day.

They made sure I got exactly what I wanted: stuck in.

You name it, if it was part of the day-to-day grind of the PR professional, they made sure I got an opportunity to do it.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

2. Where My Interests Lie

Digital marketing is an umbrella term to describe a range of processes and activities companies leverage to connect their products with consumers.

Interning confirmed what I had already suspected: social media & PR are my bread and butter.

I mean, SEO & PPC are interesting but nothing beats connecting customers to brands through creative PR campaigns and social media management.


3. Confidence As A Creative

I’ve always felt I was creatively minded and the signs were there.

As a child, I was always drawing, influenced by my older brother who could caricature anything, and fuelled by an overactive imagination.

At 16, I put the pencil down and picked up a camera.

And, throughout my degree in Political Science to my short professional life, I’ve always felt like I was missing an outlet to keep my brain from switching off.

But without proven experience, I doubted myself.

I was scared of being unable to contribute valuable ideas.

However, in an agency, and marketing generally, every idea is valuable.

Terrible ideas can inspire great ideas which in turn can become campaigns which change the world.

Any doubts I had were absolved from Day 1, where I quickly settled into providing strategic recommendations for social media and PR campaigns with reflexive ease.

4. How To Enjoy Work

For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted in a career.

Like many other recent graduates, I found myself thrust into the real world and prodded by financial needs into the first job that came my way, leaving myself without much time to really explore what I wanted to do.

Going to work quickly became a chore.

I drifted through each week, living only for Saturdays, Sundays, and paydays.

Even then it wasn’t enough to keep me satisfied for long before the thought of Monday morning came crashing down.

Interning made me realise that Monday to Friday can and should be enjoyable.

Working doesn’t have to be a burden.

It’s a fundamental part of life filled with opportunities to learn, develop, and live which should be embraced before it’s too late.

5. Every Office Should Have A Dog

Brown Dog Laid On Green Leather Sofa
Employee of the month, every month.

This is Reggie, need I say more?

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