5 Vital Things I Learnt From An Internship In A Digital Agency

  Since discovering marketing, everything I know I've learnt from textbooks and blogs. Reading could only take me so far and as everyone knows, is no substitute for practical experience. So I set out to get some agency experience and found Content Soup: a PR and Social agency as impressed by my cover letter and … Continue reading 5 Vital Things I Learnt From An Internship In A Digital Agency

How You Can Kickstart Your Social Media Strategy In Only 501 Words

Creating a social media strategy that works isn't long, and neither is this post. In just 500 words I’m gonna tell you 5 tips to get your brand started on social media. But isn't everybody on social media these days? Well, some businesses struggle to harness the power that’s quite literally, at their fingertips. I want to change that. Are you ready? Let's go.

Everybody’s A Writer These Days, Here’s 5 Killer Tips To Get Ahead Of The Game

At only 23, I can safely say like a man twice my age and experience, I’ve seen some bad writing out there, both on personal blogs and business copy. It’s easy to understand why. Anyone can create content - it takes 10 minutes to set up a free blog, where one can write to their heart's content, with their social media networks acting as a ready-made audience. For many this can feel like a bit of a catch 22 situation - you feel your business can benefit from the power of content, but you’re not confident in your writing abilities. No need to worry. Let me show you 5 killer ways you can quickly improve your copy, fast!

Garry Monk’s Short Reign At Leeds United, And What You Can Learn From It…

Leeds United have had a rough 13 years outside the Premier League. Garry Monk was supposed to be their saviour. In a situation now turned sour, I chose to look towards a few marketing lessons inspired by Leeds' most successful season campaign in recent years.